About Esra Ezmeci: Life support through psychology and writing

Esra Ezmeci is a well-known Turkish clinical psychologist, author and television personality. She studied at Istanbul Haliç University, Department of Psychology, and obtained her master's degree in clinical psychology from the same university.

Throughout her career, Esra Ezmeci has provided counseling and therapy on a variety of topics, such as addiction treatment, family, relationship and marriage counseling, youth psychology and individual counseling. She has achieved great success, particularly with her self-developed method of coming to terms with the past.

Esra Ezmeci has prepared and hosted numerous television programs to spread her knowledge and experience in the field of psychology. She has also published articles on psychology in various media.

Esra Ezmeci, also known as a writer, has published five books with Destek Publications: Summer Reading, Summer in the Sand, Summer in the Sand, Summer in the Sand, Summer in the Sand. In these books, she deals with topics such as personal development, relationships, decision-making processes and the meaning of life.

Esra Ezmeci's clinical experience, achievements and studies in her specialized areas have made her a respected expert in the field of psychology.

She is constantly striving to support people, help them improve their lives and share her knowledge.

Esra Ezmeci's expertise and books aim to help people better understand their inner selves, resolve personal and relationship issues, and live more fulfilling lives.

Due to her contributions and work, Esra Ezmeci is considered a recognized and influential expert in the field of psychology.